unRHEST Podcast

Our true self

Derived from our creative ethos, more chaos, more disruptions, more unRHEST. unRHEST podcast’s candid conversations shed light on the business of creativity.

Episode 1.

Screezus Save Us and Johnny Malepa have arguably shaped South Africa’s entertainment design landscape. 2 contrasting journeys which have seen them commissioned by African household brands and artists heightened by grammy award winning album roll-outs.

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Episode 2.

Athabile Ngxamngxa, Managing Director of HomeComing Events, previously Head of Brand and Marketing, shares insights behind HomeComing’s soaring digital presence and continuous stride towards Shifting The Culture of South Africa’s entertainment landscape.

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Episode 3.

25K takes us on a journey from producing beats in high school to his debut album, Pheli Makaveli. A comprehensive conversation about the business of hip-hop including positioning, publishing, royalties, features and collabs.

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Episode 4.

A sniper, a shooter, Austin Malema sheds light on his illustrious journey from university, breaking through the creative industry and #CreditThePhotographer to creating a sustainable business in RTC Studios.

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