Duma Collective Career Portal Web Application

Duma Collective Web Application

Duma Collective Career Portal Web Application

We have created a web application portal for Duma Collective‘s website which includes an employment page. Once clicked, applicants are led to a detailed vacancy page.

The page consists of the job description, specifications as well as a form that applicants fill in.

How the web application works:

  1. There is an application form which applicants are required to fill in..
  2. The application form requests for applicants to upload any supporting documents such as CV’s, transcripts, Matric certificates, etc.
  3. We then send an Excel spreadsheet that contains all applicants details as per the online application form, upon request.
  4. Duma Collective then highlights and requests shortlisted candidates’ who meet their requirements.
  5. Duma Collective then selects shortlisted candidates. The requested CV’s are then sent to the organisation, who then proceed with interviews.

The web applications which we create for employment processes are efficient. This ensures that the team simply focuses on hiring and interviewing the best people.

We often come across employment drives that use email addresses to gather applications.

The time-consuming process of going through emails in search of a single candidate strains resources.

Our web applications allow your business to focus on doing what it does best. In addition, eliminating time spent on processes which can be automated.

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